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When an author writes a story, she first writes it for herself. That draft is really messy and is her way of trying to figure out what it is she is truly trying to say. She re-drafts, sends it to a few other writers, maybe workshops it in a writing class. Maybe she hires a mentor and drafts some more, each time getting closer and closer to her message. When she has finished her edits, proofreads, 1st and 2nd reads and all the revisions she knows how to make, she hires a professional editor, and the process almost begins again. The editor reads, then re-reads, makes notes, analyzes and finally consults with the author. This is usually a most exhilarating experience as the two discuss what might be excluded, what appears to be missing, where the story hits its target and where it misses. Then, it’s time for the writer to pause and reflect. It’s both a painful and a rewarding time of decision making. In short, I am discussing my process. One final read, a deep breath, a publishing contract and it’s ready to release. That’s the time I get really scared. For Fractured this has been a 5-year process. In that time, I have spent hours with my characters and have grown to love them. Not to say, I haven’t been exasperated with them at times, wanting them to act in a way I knew was not possible for them. The day comes for me to share them with my readers. My hope is that you will find something of yourself in this story as I do with each project.

            Thank you for your continued support in my journey to tell enriching stories. 

“Readers will be swept away by FRACTURED, a timeless coming-of-age novel with an unforgettable heroine. Set in the 1950s, the novel evokes a more innocent time, but Sandra Windsor has a few plot twists up her sleeve that show the darkness hiding behind even the most perfect-seeming family. Windsor is a masterful storyteller with remarkable insight into the human condition. This novel is full of heart.” Shana Kelly, Editor

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Sandra published her first book, The FBI Wife: A Memoir in 2016. In 2017, it won the Colorado Authors League award for creative non-fiction and CIPA’s award for family relationships. In addition, her short story, “Forty-two Dodger Blue” was an award winner in Writer’s Digest’s short story contest in 2015. Fractured is her debut novel, a story once again centered around family relationships. She is currently working on a second novel and a sequel memoir to The FBI Wife. Recently retired from a long career in education and teaching writing, she and her husband reside in Denver, Colorado.

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