The FBI Wife

“There would be another house to make a home, a relationship to repair and a heart to make happy with a new determination.”

Sandy, a 1960’s FBI wife, finds herself in a territory for which there seems to be no roadmap, yet she knows she is somewhere important, an observer and a participant in an unfolding scene which is impacting her as she moves from assignment to assignment across country under Hoover’s rigid FBI expectations. Caught in this world, juxtaposed against the social explosions of the time, Sandy takes the reader on an emotional journey across country, through the trauma of the Kennedy assassination, Martin Luther King’s Selma march and the war on organized crime, knowing all the while she is giving up more and more of herself.

They are a couple marching out of step, searching for a connection. Sandy aspires for a partnership based on trust and shared aspirations; Cliff is seduced by the danger of working with high profile criminal cases. She must find that person lurking within, separate from her identity as an FBI wife.

“My river’s life echoed my own as I searched, manipulated, pressed on, gave up to finally reach a place I hadn’t been before.”

“Sandra Windsor’s FBI Wife beautifully explores what it’s like to live next to big moments in history, to hold home and family together as your partner engages in the headline events of your time.”

– William Haywood Henderson, author of “Augusta Locke”