Book Club Guide for The FBI Wife

Introduction:  Sandy, a 1960s FBI wife, finds herself in territory for which there seems to be no roadmap, yet she knows she is somewhere important, an observer and a participant in an unfolding scene which is impacting her as she moves from assignment to assignment across country under Hoover’s rigid FBI expectations. She takes the reader on an emotional journey through the Kennedy assassination, Dr. King’s march to Montgomery and the social revolution of the 60s and 70s.

Sandy and Cliff are a couple marching out of step, searching for a new connection. Each transfer brings new hope for a new beginning for this relationship, but as Cliff’s career intensifies, Sandy finds herself losing her own identity. Who has she become? What can she re-capture of herself?

Questions and Topics for Discussion:

  1. What is the take-away message of this book?
  1. In what ways and circumstances would other women relate to Sandy’s story?
  1. What relationship did you as a reader develop with the protagonist?
  1. What role do the historical events play in the evolution of the story?
  1. How would you describe the turning point in the story? Where does it occur for the protagonist?
  1. If you were to put labels on this relationship, what would they be?
  1. What role do the settings play in the evolution of the narrative?
  1. What role does the Colorado landscape play in this story?
  1. What symbols are effective in moving the story forward?
  1. What is the peak experience in the story?
  1. Were you satisfied as a reader that the final chapter marked a new beginning for Sandy? Why or why not?